Assalamualaikum peeps!

The day when I checked that I qualified to attend this interview, I'm not that excited because of certain reasons. Among 7 000 candidates that put up this foundation as their first choice in UPU, Alhamdulillah I'm the one that have been shorlisted with other 299 candidates. So yeah should be grateful for that :) This is my second interview (suppose to be the third interview actually but I dont attend Taylors iv due to some reasons), the first was jpamara scholarships interview but not really sure will blog about that or not. The reason I write this post pun actually because when I googled to know others experiences with this asasi UUM interview, I cannot find one. So at that time being, I'm a little bit clueless and does not have the picture about the real situation. It was not like jpamara interview where I could find a lot of others experiences in their blogs. So yeah can you just treat me a cup of coffee instead as the reward for me? Will you? Ceiittt no la I'm just kidding.

Basically, the interview session was divided into 2 places. One in Sintok and the other in KL (different days). Departed from my house around 4.45 a.m something and arrived UUM Sintok within time. 30 mins early to be exact (already minus the breakfast time and the so called chilling yourself time haha). So for that day, there were almost 100 candidates altogether (you must be a really patience person to wait for your turn HAHA) From now on I will write IV instead of interview la ok can ah.

Straight to the point la k, this iv is kind of individual iv but you will enter the nerve-shattering room with the others 5 candidates. No, they was not your teammates but the purpose of that was maybe to cut off the time. Eh ko bayangkan la pukul 8.30++ start iv, tapi 3.40 mcm tu baru aku settle iv ;')))) Plus, there were still have 4 groups after me!! Because my turns was a bit late, so the iv session from 6 candidates was increased to 8 persons per session. The average time in the nerve-wrecking room was about 30 mins something la. In the iv room, they were 6 professors yes you are required to call them as PROF please remember my dear adik2 (euww I sounds so like kakak2 booo). I'm the first to be iv between the others 7 candidates so I cannot plan my points first while the others can do that because the questions is basically the same within the 8 of us emmm ok la. Alhamdullilah during our turns, the prof does not ask us about current issues or GST or 1MDB or ISIS or yadda yadda. But I dont know about others session. Overall, they ask us about ourselves, family, future planning and about UUM too!! Make sure do a little bit research about UUM, use the so called Mr. Google la guyss ok noted ok! But if you answered them without confident or your answers does not seem logic to them, the profs will ask you a lot of general questions so give the best answer to them or else they will ask you questions like; siapa sultan perak, sultan perak took what course in his degree, beliau graduated from which university. Yes that kind of questions was given to my friend. Kesian dia.

Another significant things you must take note is they always like alwaysssssssssss will provoke youuuuu like seriously we got that a lot weh but you must be chill and defend your opinions as long as you can just please. One of them asked me whether I had attended any scholarships iv or not. And I answered yes and he said to me "Oh this asasi is just your second option la ni. Kira spare ja la ni oooo macam tu" Kelu kejap aku kat situ haha pastu the other profs pun sakat jugak pasal tu. They were a lottttttt of arguement sessions between us and the profs. They always "why this, why not that" and etc haha. Eh its okay, they just want to test you. I had fun actually. Ohyaa not to forget that the questions is half in english and half in bm. When they ask in English make sure you answer in english and vice versa or else you will be reproved. Lastly they asked us whether we have questions to ask or not and at that time, the ketua prof (I guess) focus on me more than once. He gave the looks that he really hope that I have questions to ask him, but sadly I dont have one. Huhuhuh sedih tak prepare soalan awal2 hesh.

Another friendly reminder, this is individual interview. We does need to have a debate with the other candidates in the room. Just answer the questions that you are asked for. The questions does not come from the same prof, they rotate their turns to ask us. Basically for me, this interview is much better than jpamara iv tbh. It's depends la actually. That's the general overview for 2015 foundation of management in UUM iv la, I only explained them briefly. Who know next time, they will change the format kan so just be prepared. Amboi bagi nasihat pandai, padahal diri sendiri pun just prepare all the things a day before cis cis :p Mohon jgn tiru, to be frank I am the one that can hold the title of truly procrastinator hmmmmmmmm k.

Ohh before I forgot, like others iv la kan make sure you bring along all your certificates (koko and academic) from lower forms until upper forms and put them in your clear holders file. During my time, the clerks will check all of our documents before we were allowed to enter the iv room. Ok ni last, this year (2015) 150 candidates will be chosen as their students. Actually, 2015 is the second batch for this asasi.

Emm yeah I think that's it, May Allah ease your way :) 


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