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Assalamualaikum peeps!

The day when I checked that I qualified to attend this interview, I'm not that excited because of certain reasons. Among 7 000 candidates that put up this foundation as their first choice in UPU, Alhamdulillah I'm the one that have been shorlisted with other 299 candidates. So yeah should be grateful for that :) This is my second interview (suppose to be the third interview actually but I dont attend Taylors iv due to some reasons), the first was jpamara scholarships interview but not really sure will blog about that or not. The reason I write this post pun actually because when I googled to know others experiences with this asasi UUM interview, I cannot find one. So at that time being, I'm a little bit clueless and does not have the picture about the real situation. It was not like jpamara interview where I could find a lot of others experiences in their blogs. So yeah can you just treat me a cup of coffee instead as the reward for me? Will you? Ce…

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