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Flawless to Acne Prone Skin? What are the causes?

Assalamualaikum wbt guys!

19 years of my life, I never have a big issue with my pimples and acne. My friends said I am flawless back then (even though I dont think so lol) However, in my late 20s around November 2017, my face started to misbehave.

It began with all those tiny bumps on my forehead for the first month and keep expanding to the cheeks and chin (which I never have pimple on my chin before 😭) The saddest thing ever is up till now I dont have any idea on what are the reasons behind those breakouts!

Yes, I like makeup but I dont wear makeup that much pun. Sebulan sekali pun jarang, mostly I only wear them for special occasion which is not that often. Most of the time I makeup kan orang ja hahah. To class? Memang tak lah nak makeup, I am super lazyyyy. Most of the time I only would wear lipstick and mascara to class.

Then what is the reason? My friend said that "Dayah baru nak hit puberty" LOL cannot relate at all. Skincare? I think I dont have any tremendous chan…

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